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Tamara Williamson has been a mainstay in the Toronto music scene since the early 90’s. She released 3 albums with her band Mrs. Torrance on the major label BMG. Mrs. Torrance toured extensively in Canada opening for such acts as Oasis, The Beautiful South, Talk Talk, and Jewel. They toured with bands such as The Crash Test Dummies, The Pursuit of Happiness, The Waltons, The Rheostatics, Hayden and King Cobb Steelie.  Mrs. Torrance were pushed to radio with their single “Porn” and were on Much Music rotation. 

In 2000 Mrs. Torrance disbanded and Tamara started a solo career. Her music is ethereal and sensitive. Using many effects and layers she was one of the first artists to start live looping and was known for her experimentation using both vocal effects and looping. Tamara was featured in The New Music Show in 2000 and her first independent single went into rotation on MUCH Music. Her first recording “Nightmare on Queen Street” was very well received and Tamara played at many folk festivals such as Hillside, The Regina Folk Festival, and NXNE. She also went down the West Coast touring with Bob Wiseman and Matt Nathensen.

In 2003 Tamara was voted fourth best concert of the year by NOW magazine ahead of Greenday, and behind Bjork.

Tamara is the only voice until this year to be recorded on a Do Make Say Think album. She also fronted the trip hop band Microbunny, which won the CBC new band search in 2002. 

In 2006 Tamara signed to a French label and toured France extensively as part of “Le Femme S’en Mêlent” tour. She played alongside Feist and Shannon Wright. She was interviewed and recorded live to French National Radio. She also played shows in Spain and Italy.

From 2007 until 2016 Tamara has released four albums and toured in Canada and France. In 2015 Tamara started focusing on playing smaller more intimate festivals and venues such as house concerts. 

Tamara was recently featured in the Globe and Mail Broadsheet, an end of year collection of songs written about 2014. Tamara’s song “The Next One” is about women coming forward to speak out about their experiences of sexual harassment and violence and was recorded with the band Absolutely Free. This song was released on a compilation put out by the label Arts and Crafts. Her latest album “Sister Mother Daughter Wife” pays homage to women survivors from around the world. 

2017 Tamara started a ukelele duo project, CROW, with the amazing songwriter Patty Ewaschuk.



Making music in lockdown. painting the cover art, making videos...



IN 2014 Tamara Williamson wrote a book about a devastating break up. She didn't think it was very good so she made it into an audio book. On a whim she asked her old  band Mrs. Torrance if they would like to record some of the rather angry songs, and they got together in 2015 and recorded 6 songs. In 2016 she started playing it to her friends who started saying things like."Tonight we're going to listen to The Break-Up Diet instead of watching Netflicks. So she made it into a live show. This all took a few more 2018 she played a few shows to see if it was any good and people seemed to love it. So she took a knife to the book and made a musical script and entered a competition at the Fringe Festival in Toronto and amazingly won. Which was a huge honour!

 So this year 2019.. she is playing the show live and releasing an EP with Mrs.Torrance who haven't released anything in 20 years. She also asked an amazing young talented songwriter Sarah Fazackerley to join the team. It's surely one of the most amazing projects that Tamara has embarked on and has already brought her so much happiness. It has gathered so many good people together and allowed her the opportunity to work with her best friends Steve and Chris from Mrs. Torrance.

Good Times....

Tamara lives in Uxbridge with her son Angus where she has a business creating music for dressage horses. She also paints and has recently commissioned her paintings to The True North Records/Gallery.

“Someone who can take a room and transpose it onto another plane, a voice without restrictions.”

Martin Tielli (Rheostatics)



"I’ve admired Tamara for years; she cut a certain path of determination for me by having musical conviction long before I understood those stakes for myself." Feist

Tamara Williamson is both musician and storyteller, a Boadicea of the stage who, in her latest ‘The Break Up Diet’ act, slays the daemons — well, daemon, in fact — of a marriage dissolved with song and narration that in her inimitable, fiery style threatens to light up the room in a rhapsodic moment of beautiful, lyric revenge. This is life transformed into devastating art.— oh, and, if you’re not actually listening, well, you’ll be dancing and feeling the energy anyway. Noah Richler





It belongs with Nora Ephron's Heartburn as a great work of art about splitting up. 




"like a really good extended Moth Radio Hour story backed by your favourite indie bar band." Toronto Star

Tamara Williamson’s The Break Up Diet is a clever, emotional and intensely personal narrative that takes you, insight by insight; from heart-hollowing suspicions to explosive confrontations to painful introspection; through what is essentially a brilliant musical autopsy of a failed marriage.

Charles Spearin


 Your new project is honest, funny and meaningful and takes a lot of guts to present in public. Kudos to you. The standing ovation was well deserved!

Silence Theatre Guelph

What a great big brave show! you rocked it, and you broke our hearts all over again. That's writing!

huge hugs,

Jabette Bullin Scott

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