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Welcome to Tamara's World of Creativity!


Tamara is a captivating storyteller whose talents transcend traditional boundaries. A published author, award-winning playwright, successful painter, and touring musician, she effortlessly weaves her creativity into various art forms. Blending her immense passion for the arts with unwavering dedication, Tamara has become an influential figure in the artistic community.


Described as an artist's artist, Tamara's work resonates deeply with those who appreciate the power of creativity. Her cleverly crafted stories, both on paper and on stage, have captivated audiences far and wide. As a passionate producer, she brings ideas to life in provocative and dynamic ways, leaving a lasting impact on all who experience her work.


Tamara's authentic voice and unabashed honesty have earned her the reputation of being an outspoken diva. Fearlessly sharing her perspectives, she fearlessly challenges societal norms and encourages others to do the same. Through her mentorship and influence, Tamara has become a cherished friend to many, guiding and inspiring fellow artists.


With three decades of music and art under her belt, Tamara has an expansive repertoire to share with the world. Her performances, filled with energy and creativity, leave audiences in awe. From theaters to galleries to concert halls, she leaves a trail of inspiration wherever she goes.


Join Tamara on her artistic journey as she continues to push boundaries, provoke thought, and create a lasting impact through her masterful storytelling. Explore her works, experience her performances, and witness the world through her unique perspective.


Welcome to the world of Tamara, where creativity knows no limits.

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